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My workshop in Oslo is fully equipped to tackle big and small jobs on guitars of all styles and price ranges. I give all instruments the same level of service and attention to detail andhile its in my possession you can trust that it will be handled with respect and care



Sometimes you need a professional evaluation of the condition of an instrument. Specific needs and deficiencies can be exposed so you can take well informed decisions about the instrument


A good set up can be the difference between an inspiring and an uninspiring instrument. Together we can find out how your instrument should be set up based on your style of playing and your preferences 



Many players want to switch parts or make other changes to their guitar. Some modifications are simple while others are more complex but most thing are possible to do.

Wear and tear

Years of playing can take its toll on frets and saddles. Your guitar can develop buzzes and unevenness that can affect your sound and how much you enjoy playing. Luckily, the parts affected by wear can be repaired or changed out and your guitar can be like new again



Cracks, loose brace and broken headstocks can look frightening. They can happen over time or after a sudden impact. Most structural damages can be repaired so that the instrument can get a new lease on life and keep making music for years


Day 2: today I’ll show you how I fit a n

When restoring a valuable instrument it should be approached with a conservators attention to detail. It's important to show respect for the instruments history and carefully asses the necessity of the repairs, and judge what can be left alone for historical reasons

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