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Through good communtiaton and competence on a high level, you can feel confident handing your guitars and other fretted instruments over to Lars Dalin


Luthiery caught my interest as a teenager, and in 2011 I enrolled at the Summit School of Guitarbuilding and Repair on Vancouver Island, Canada. Here, I built several acoustic and electric guitars, especially focusing on the French tradition of guitar building. Upon completing my studies, I was accepted as an apprentice to Nicole Alosinac, a renowned Canadian master luthier. At the same time I worked at Larrivée Guitars in Vancouver, where I installed frets on hundreds of their production guitars. After formally completing my training, I returned to Norway and was hired to repair guitars at Vintagegitar in Oslo. Through years of work here, I gained a comprehensive experience repairing all kinds of fretted instruments. Vintagegitar's profile has specifically brought me to a level of competance handling vintage and valuable instruments.

All through my career I've done major and minor repair work on several thousand guitars. In the process I've learned a lot, but I keep developing my craft, and will always strive to be the best possible luthier.

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